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Funny Greeting & Birthday Cards

We're Back! Over the past few years I've received emails from Tigre Lis collectors all over the country asking where they can buy pieces to add to their collections. They tell me people are actually stopping them in the street and asking "Where did you get that earring or necklace?"

We are brand new, still workin. . .

To get the word out to our loyal following I am creating a web site for you! The site contains fun and romantic new pieces as well as some of my timeless collectibles. See our catalog on the left.

In choosing the name Tigre Lis - Karen Justice chose the French name for tiger lily - tiger to communicate the strength of her determination, and lily for the romantic inspiration of her designs.

In 1984, after a painful divorce, Karen used her animal designs as the foundation for the jewelry line, Tigre Lis Enterprises. The designs were sold to upscale retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, amongst other boutiques throughout the US. The company opened offices in Canada, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Paris. Tigre Lis has appeared in some of the world's top international fashion magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Women's Wear Daily, Women's World, Seventeen Magazine and Family Circle.

Then in 1997, Karen authored the self-help guide "Barracuda in Bunny Slippers: A Survival Guide" where she teaches it's never too late to start over. Karen shares how she made multiple businesses successful and overcame a great deal of personal hardship. She also exposes how average people can become extraordinarily successful by starting businesses with very little. Conquering obstacles by setting goals effectively is another lesson she teaches. Self-promotion is a necessity for success; therefore, Karen reveals to us how to use it to get ahead. Additionally, revealing how to "survive shark attacks," she teaches how to use that criticism to create irresistible attraction.

Karen's multi-talents in writing, painting, her zest for living, her lifetime passion for animals and her ability to see through failure has brought her continued success. Furthermore, her light-hearted nature, down to earth disposition, and even-keeled temperament has helped her remain grounded.

Karen believes we are in this life together. What we do in some way affects others. She believes smiles are contagious and one of the nicest things we can do daily is to pass one on.

Now take a vacation, kick back, and appreciate Karen's humorous designs by visiting You will find more than just greeting cards though. Karen expanded the brand to include magnets, t-shirts, and prints. Designs have been featured in various hotels, specialty gift shops, resorts, and catalogs. And coming soon to the website is the Chicken's blog. It will include a Q and A since she has become a legend in her own mind and has an opinion or two on everything. Join the chicken's world by visiting with us!

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