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Karen Justice has created a hormonally altered chicken with an attitude; that by the way is not aging gracefully. The Wild Jungle Chick card line is an 'expression of love and laughter'. Karen believes that in order to become enlightened we have to lighten up. The mission of Wild Jungle Chick is to use humor to make life happier. Humor overcomes depression and stress.

The media's constant blitz of negativity is exhausting. A lot of people let themselves get so frazzled they now have a Stephen King movie whirring away inside their heads. The entire world is a stage. Instead of getting too wrapped up in the drama - join us and learn to enjoy the comedy.

Laughter is an instant vacation. It's contagious and one of the nicest things you can do is to pass it on.

Laughter Parties

We are brand new, but we have a lot of history! Welcome to our web site. The Wild Jungle Chick just launched some of the most funny and enjoyable stuff. We hope you love it too.

A line of fun greeting cards and gift items
celebrating a tropical lifestyle.

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